Monday, January 17, 2011

It's been a while since last time I posted review here. It doesn't mean this blog is on hiatus or something like that. I just was busy with my part-time job, but my reading has never stopped. During holidays break I had read a lot of books and comics so today or maybe tomorrow I will start to post reviews.

So: what has I read?
Philip Roth - Nemesis (it made my top of best books last year)
Carmin Abate - The Homecoming Party (very good though nothing special)
Timothy Taylor - THE BLUE LIGHT PROJECT (maybe I'll right a short review closer to release date; strange novel, I rather didn't like it; second part was far more enjoyable than the first one)
John Hicklenton - 100 Months (rather art album than comic book; very good)
Matthew Thurber - 1-800-Mice #5 (self-published comics; quite weird)
Willy Linhout - Years of the elephant (autobiographic graphic novel; funny and sad)

Now I'm reading Ninth Letter magazine, Finch by Jeff Vandermeer and a couple of things for my job.
Stay tuned.

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