Monday, December 29, 2014

best fiction books 2014

Ten best books published in 2014. In no particular order.

Tigerman, Nick Harkaway

Orfeo, Richard Powers

Eyrie, Tim Winton

Fourth July Creek, Scott Henderson

Munich Airport, Greg Baxter

In the Approaches, Nicola Barker

Us Conductors, Sean Michaels

Gretel and The Dark, Eliza Granville

Prayers for the Stolen, Jennifer Clement

The Wind is not a River, Brian Payton

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  1. Thanks for your generous posting. I'm hot on the trail of recommended authors and titles, especially as I fill out my TBR list for my new self-imposed ABC's of Crime Fiction challenge at my blog, Beyond Eastrod. Please stop by there and offer me suggestions for my alphabetical gameplan.