Thursday, April 25, 2013


Anthony Neil Smith

Bleak House Books, 2009
(e-book, 2011)

After Yellow Medicine Billy Lafitte remains at large, proved his innocence in the terrorist case. But an FBI agent Rome does not think so. Rome secretly from his colleagues continued to develop Billy’s case, hoping this time to catch Lafitte on the old crime. Billy himself now has been hanging out with a gang of bikers, acting as a muscle for the gang leader Steel God.

Rome hopes to reach out to Billy, using his flabby ex-wife. After learning about the actions of Rome, Lafitte immediately takes off, throwing the bikers, but not breaking ties with them completely. Billy is going home, and already on the way bad things start to happen.

If in the first Lafitte novel Yellow Medicine Billy was a kind of axis around which the events of the book revolved, there Billy is such an arrow that is tangentially touches everyone and everything, the thread on which planted other characters-beads. And it turned out not a fun trinket from the imitation jewelry department, but an explosive mace, uncontrollable and deadly. «Hogdoggin'» is written in the third person, and almost half of the book Lafitte spends unconscious. And if in the first book we learned Billy through the other characters, here we learn other characters through Billy.

Anthony Neil Smith already in his debut proved that he has the wildest imagination. In Hogdoggin' he proves it, imagine for example half a dozen officers of the law gone AWOL.

This novel, like rottweiler (see the title), is cutting into your throat and doesn’t let you go live. They say the third book about Lafitte is already written. Well, looking forward to.

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