Saturday, December 31, 2011

best books of the year: fiction 2011

That was a good year for reading. I don't want to mix books from different categories in one list, so I'm going to compile individual lists for the following categories:
best fiction books that was published in 2011
best fiction books that was published before 2011
best poetry books
best non-fiction books
best comics

I've selected 20 best books for two fiction lists, but it won't be 10\10. I decided it'll be 8\12. Strange, but original, I think. I've linked the titles to my reviews.

in no particular order

Neil Jordan

Beryl Bainbridge
The Girl in the Polka-dot Dress

Anne Enright
The Forgotten Waltz

Doug Johnstone

Declan Burke
Absolute Zero Cool (review to come)

John Dalton
The Inverted Forest

A.D. Miller

Duane Swierczynski
Fun & Games

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